Welsh Tory Leader Repeatedly Avoids Iain's Question About Lack Of Candidates

6 May 2017, 14:31 | Updated: 6 May 2017, 15:02

Iain Dale repeatedly asked Andrew RT Davies, Welsh Conservative Leader, why his party has imposed just a single candidate on a constituency party.

The Welsh Conservative Leader, Andrew RT Davies, spoke to Iain Dale after the party did not do as well as expected in the local elections. 

But the politician said he is still feeling positive about the "exciting and dynamic general election ahead of us".

That's when Iain quizzed him about the party "imposing parliamentary candidates on constituencies that don't want them in Wales".

Iain said in some marginal constituencies, there has been just one parliamentary candidate option presented to the Tories, when there should generally be at least two or three to choose from.  

The LBC Presenter referred specifically to Newport West, and repeatedly asked Mr Davies about why the local party had one candidate "imposed" on them.