What Winston Churchill Really Would Have Made Of Brexit, By His Grandson

6 December 2018, 08:00

Sir Nicholas Soames said Winston Churchill would not have wanted Britain to leave the EU - purely on a strategic level.

During Cross Question, Iain Dale asked the Conservative MP what his grandfather would have thought about Brexit.

And while he didn't want to speculate on how he would have dealt with negotiations with the EU, he did make one interesting point about how he would have seen Brexit.

Sir Nicholas Soames in the LBC studio
Sir Nicholas Soames in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

He said: "My grandpa has been dead for 50 years and I think it's impossible to say how he would have handled the negotiations.

"One thing I can say: this is not an argument about Leave or Remain, but if you were looking at the strategic position of Britain in the world, I can't see how Churchill, in the way that he was brought up and the way that he viewed the world, would have thought it a really clever idea to leave the European Union at this time.

"I just don't believe that that's the case."

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