'You need your head read': Iain Dale's strong message to Covid anti-vaxxers

17 May 2021, 20:50

By Fiona Jones

This was Iain Dale's passionate message to the "selfish individuals" who are refusing to have the Covid vaccine.

His message comes after the Health Secretary Matt Hancock today told MPs there are now 86 local authorities with five or more confirmed cases of the Indian Covid variant.

Early data suggests that the vaccines are effective against the new strain which appears more "transmissible" than the Kent variant, according to Mr Hancock.

Today also marks more freedom for millions as Covid rules ease, with indoor hospitality being one of many sectors opening up for the Welsh, Scottish and English.

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As 36 million people have now had the first dose of their Covid jab, only a small minority of the population has refused - however Iain wanted to send a message to those who are resistant.

"It is ludicrous to me when even now, when people can see the rollout of the vaccine has been a massive success, that there hasn't been all the terrible things happening to people that some people predicted at the beginning, it is clear that it does protect us both from getting coronavirus...and it protects us from getting it badly if we do contract it."

He cited to listeners that the hospitalisation figures have plummeted, and said that "at some point there's got to be a discussion about what is an acceptable level of deaths."

"A politician is never going to say this to you but I will. A death rate of between two and ten a day, I'm afraid we have to find an acceptable death rate.

"Now if it climbs up to the hundreds and thousands again, obviously that isn't. The fact that people still refuse to get the vaccine for whatever reason...they are not only putting themselves at risk, they are putting other people at risk and they're jeopardising the 21 June date, by which time we hope that the lockdown is fully lifted."

He said that if the end date is jeopardised "it is only because we're trying to protect people that haven't had the vaccine."

"If you are 50, 60, 70, 80 years old and you still haven't availed yourself of having the opportunity of the vaccine, I'm afraid you need your head read. You need your head examined. Because there is no reason not to get it.

"The idea that you know better than the medical professionals, that you know better than the scientists is for the birds. You are a selfish individual. You are putting your friends, your family at risk."

He told listeners that he wants to try and reason with people who are refusing the vaccine and encouraged people to call in so he could challenge their views.