Iain Dale's Young Panel Clash Over Whether Labour Represents The Working Class

5 February 2019, 07:59

Iain Dale hosted a panel of young political commentators and they had a fiery row over whether Labour still represent the working class.

Brexit campaigner Darren Grimes insisted that Jeremy Corbyn's party can no longer be seen as the party who represent the interests of their voters.

He insisted: "I want to ask what happened to that patriotic party of people like Barbara Castle and Peter Shaw. What happened to that party who represented areas like where I'm from.

"Labour has increasingly become a middle-class hobby horse. It's more interested in what its membership think over its millions and millions of voters, which did overwhelmingly vote to leave the EU.

"I don't think it can claim to be the party of the leave-voting working class and I think that's a real crying shame to be honest."

Iain Dale hosted a youth panel on his show
Iain Dale hosted a youth panel on his show. Picture: LBC

But Dalia Gebrial from Novara Media retorted: "The membership are working class as well. You're just calling people you don't agree with 'middle-class' because you're assuming the class position of people you've never met.

"When you go to Momentum meetings around the country, they are all regular working class people."

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