Young Voter Tells Of Online Abuse He Receives Because He's Right Wing

20 May 2017, 14:00

This self-proclaimed 'right wing' voter told Iain Dale that because his views don't fit with others his age, he faces online abuse.

Iain Dale spoke to 24-year-old Mark from Stevenage, who said that he's always 'leaned towards the right'. 

The young man phoned during a conversation about the party manifestos, after Iain asked to hear his listeners', particularly young listeners, views. 

He told Iain that he's always leaned towards the right, but that young people of his political leaning find it hard to express their views with their peers because of the backlash they receive.

Mark spoke of a recent incident, where a thread was set up on Facebook to chastise him for some of his comments.