Caller takes 18 days annual leave to spend in gym as lockdown eases

11 April 2021, 16:47

By Seán Hickey

This caller has taken three weeks off work to devote his time to working out as coronavirus restrictions in England ease.

Wayne phoned in from Bensfleet to share his plans for Monday with Ian Payne. The caller told him that because gyms are reopening as part of the lockdown easing, he is taking annual leave from work.

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"It's been a struggle not getting into the gym the last year or so," he told Ian, and so with the restrictions easing he is "really looking forward to get back into the gym, for just a bit of normality."

He told Ian that his go-to sports are boxing and jiu-jitsu and he also lifts weights from time to time.

The caller explained the release he gets in the gym, telling LBC that an hour in the gym is a "boost for the mental health and wellbeing."

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Looking back on the last lockdown, Wayne said that "it was great when [gyms] reopened," and last summer it was "really really nice" when he could get back into his regular routine.

Ian wondered why the gym was so important to the caller, clearly taken aback by his dedication to exercise.

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Wayne insisted that it was "good for the wellbeing, mental health," and without the gym he feels his mood deteriorating immediately.

"This last year has been a struggle," he said, concluding that he was "really looking forward to tomorrow" and getting back into working out.