This Caller Was Tortured And Told Ian Why It Just Doesn't Work

27 January 2017, 16:08 | Updated: 28 January 2017, 07:05

Ian Payne Spoke To A Torture Victim

Here a caller recounts his experience of being tortured in Asia. What he says will give some perspective on Trump's comments.


The caller spoke to Ian Payne, who was filling in for James O'Brien, after Ian asked his listeners whether torture works. 

Ian posed the question after Trump made some comments earlier this week about the practice of 'waterboarding' and the idea that "it works". 

But this caller disagrees. 

He was tortured for four days in Asia in "all sorts" of ways and said that even when he gave up information the people torturing him still didn't stop.

The people responsible eventually desisted when he told them what he says was made up information which he thought they wanted to hear. 

He told Ian: "It doesn't work. Even if you tell them the truth, which I did, I told them everything they wanted to know, they still tortured me. As they were torturing me I was thinking 'what can I say?', I've already told them everything."

He went on to recount some of the harrowing details of his experience. 

The caller added: "On the fourth day I changed my story about three times. on the fourth time I though 'what else can i say?' and I stuck with the last story that I told them."

The caller said that still didn't result in his release, and did not disclose how he escaped. 

He added that he still suffers with the side effects from the torture to this day, including PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).