Eubank Explains Ali's Fiery Rhetoric

4 June 2016, 18:28 | Updated: 18 August 2016, 15:52

'Boxing is not something you play' Chris Eubank explains the steely logic behind Muhammad Ali's fiery rhetoric.

Talking to LBC’s Ian Payne he said that Ali intended to break down his opponents before they had even entered the ring.

“Boxing is not something you play. You play table tennis, you play football. You don't play fighting and you really do have to actually have that psychological edge over your opponent,” he said.

“Hurting their feelings is important, because if you do that you can take them off of their track of thinking,”

“When a fighter is not thinking objectively, which is about scoring points, you've got them in your hands really, and he was a master at that.”

Watch his fascinating insight into the mind of champion boxer Ali, who died last night.