Elderly caller traumatised by Covid experience leaves listeners in tears

10 January 2021, 17:03

By Seán Hickey

This caller was severely traumatised after her experience with Covid-19, and urged the public to obey guidance.

Ian Payne was inundated with deeply emotional calls from listeners on their experience with Covid-19, but pensioner Karen in Broadstairs moved many listeners to tears.

The caller was severely traumatised by the ordeal of having coronavirus, to the point that she believed she would die from the disease in hospital.

"It was unbelievable watching these paramedics bring people in one after the other," she said, completely overwhelmed by emotion.

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Addressing those debating the need for lockdown measures, Karen insisted that "people just really need to see the truth of what's going on."

"Although they've told me that I'm ok, mentally I'm not ok."

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Karen went on to tell Ian that she hasn't spoken to her family about the ordeal and how it has affected her. "You should tell people what's going on," Ian insisted.

"I think you've got to get in touch with a neighbour," he added, before begging the caller to "try and speak to somebody."

Before hanging up, Karen issued a warning to the public: "It's real and it's scary and it hurts and if you're old you think you're going to die."

You can phone Samaritans at 116123 CALM 0800 58 58 58 if you are suffering mentally during the coronavirus pandemic.

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