EU Elections Are A Farce And A Waste Of Money For The UK, Brexiteer Peter Bone Says

13 April 2019, 16:41

Brexiteer Tory Peter Bone explains why he thinks taking part in the EU elections next month is a "total waste of money" for the UK.

Speaking to Ian Payne, the Conservative MP said that "it makes no sense" for the UK to be taking part in the European elections next month because any elected MEPs "presumably within a few months will be out".

"It is a total waste of money and it makes the government look silly," he added.

The UK is expected to elect 73 MEPs in the May elections as a result of the most recent extension to Article 50 which sees the current date of departure from the EU fall on Halloween on October 31st.

"Nobody will seriously be choosing an MEP who they expect to serve for years and years because that clearly isn't going to happen," Mr Bone said.

"I have no idea how people will vote, but I think [the election] shouldn't be happening and it's a great shame it is."