WWII Evacuee Sees The Resurgence Of The "Hard Right" In The UK

1 September 2019, 16:49

This caller, who was evacuated 80 years ago, told Ian Payne that she now sees similar conditions to those in the early 20th Century.

Joan in Maidstone called LBC to tell Ian that she does in fact recognise aspects of 1930s Europe today in Britain.

She endorsed Sadiq Kahn's comments that we are in danger of forgetting the last world war.

She cited the Hope Not Hate survey published earlier this year during the leadership contest, in which a large number of respondents in the Conservative Party gave anti-Muslim answers.

Joan pointed out that her local mosque needed protection from far Right groups such as the English Defense League and Britain First.

It was not the same as National Socialism in '30s Germany, but it was enough to concern her about the direction of British politics.