Femi Oluwole "Definitely Worried" Nigel Farage Will Win European Elections

21 April 2019, 16:54

The anti-Brexit campaigner told LBC he is "definitely worried" that Nigel Farage's Brexit Party will win the European elections, as recent polling suggested the party was leading voting intentions.

Femi Oluwole said that he is "definitely worried" that Nigel Farage could win the European Parliament elections next month with his new party The Brexit Party.

The anti-Brexit campaigner and founder of Our Future, Our Choice told Ian Payne that Nigel Farage had been the "face of the UK" for five years, and suggested that an additional five years would damage relationships between the UK and EU.

He said: "If he wins again then he will be the face of the UK for a consecutive 10 years.

"One could argue that if we do that to the EU after Nigel Farage has done to this country, we wouldn't even deserve

to be members of the European Union."

Femi Oluwole in the LBC studio
Femi Oluwole in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

Mr Oluwole said: "For the past five years, on the European stage, Nigel Farage has been the face of the UK.

"We have been the Ukip country from the eyes of the world and what does Nigel Farage do when he's over there?

"He was a member of the fisheries committee, he showed up to 1 out of 42 meetings despite being the supposed saviour of British fisherman and when he does show up, he basically insults everyone."

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