Critic Goes At Green Party Politician For Not Protesting Outside Chinese Embassy

20 April 2019, 16:27 | Updated: 20 April 2019, 18:34

As Extinction Rebellion demonstrations enter their sixth day, Ian Payne struggled to get a word in as two guests passionately clashed over the best place to protest climate change.

Broadcaster and writer Simon Warr told Ian Payne that climate change protesters should have focussed their attention at the Chinese embassy, and not places like Oxford Circus or Waterloo Bridge.

And when Ian put the question to Green Party politician Zack Polanski, who was arrested himself on Tuesday at the protests on Waterloo Bridge, the campaigner invited Mr Warr to join him.

But the invitation resulted in the pair clashing as Mr Warr asked him to never set foot on airplane ever again.

Ian Payne in the LBC studio
Ian Payne in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

Mr Polanski said: "If he wants to join me outside the Chinese embassy to protest, I'm happy to do that."

Mr Warr replied: "I will if you promise me never to fly on an aircraft again in your life, do you promise me here now on LBC, you'll never ever going to get in an aircraft again?"

But when Mr Polanski said that his critic was "terribly excited", Mr Warr said: "If you tell me now on LBC, because you believe the end of the world is nigh, that you will never set foot on an airplane for the rest of your life then I promise you if you say that now I'll agree with you."

But the campaigner replied: "It doesn't sound like you're interested, it sounds like you're just yelling at me on the radio."

Watch the clash in the video above.