Ian Payne Heartened By London Protests As He Speaks To 10-Year-Old Eco-Warrior

19 April 2019, 13:38

On the fifth day of "non-violent civil disobedience" led by Extinction Rebellion in London, Ian Payne revealed that he's been struck by the young people making their voice heard on climate change.

This morning, young Extinction Rebellion protesters launched a small protest this morning outside Heathrow airport, amid a plan to "shut down" the transport hub.

An organiser for Extinction Rebellion Youth later said the group had succeeded in creating an "emotional disruption" at Heathrow Airport, and that no further Extinction Rebellion protests would take place on Friday.

Dame Emma Thompson arrived at the Extinction Rebellion protest in Oxford Circus earlier today and told reporters she had come to support the movement and had been greatly inspired by it.

Ian Payne revealed that he has been "struck" by the number of young people moved to do something and "heartened" by the protests.

He said: "It's almost a feeling that the elders, the previous generation, has kind of ignored them, and it's their planet and they're going to be on it for longer".

Ian Payne Extinction Rebellion
Picture: LBC & PA

He introduced 10-year-old Max, the head of Eco-Council at his school - a group which Max revealed "persuades people to save the planet".

Ian Payne asked Max about what he does to help protect the planet and Max said that he picks up litter and makes eco-bricks comprising plastic bottles of non-recyclable materials.

Asked what he thought about Extinction Rebellion's climate change protests in London, Max gave them his full support and said that he admired them for "trying to save the planet".