Ian Can't Believe Why This Former Teacher Gave Up Her Job

10 March 2018, 16:43 | Updated: 10 March 2018, 16:45

Ian Payne has been left shocked after hearing why this teacher decided to leave the classroom.

Natasha phoned in to say she gave up teacher training after struggling with the number of children who have English as a second language.

She told Ian: "There are so many children with English as a second language, and special educational needs, that it takes over the job.

Ian Payne
Ian Payne. Picture: LBC

"When you're in a class where 23 of your pupils cannot speak English, how are you meant to train to teach?"

Ian replied: "If you can't speak their language, how on earth will they learn anything at all?"

You can watch Natasha's response in the video above.