Heartbreaking Miscarriage Of Justice For Toddler Hit By Driver On Mobile Phone

2 February 2019, 18:24

Rakesh Khetani spoke about how the careless driver who left his two-year-old son with severe brain damage and unable to walk received only a suspended jail sentence and a driving ban.

Dangerous drivers could now face life in jail under tough new laws that are being considered by the government following outrage from families at 'pathetic' sentences for killer motorists.

Kai Khetani was just two years old when he was hit by a car on a pedestrian crossing in Kenton Road on 26th August 2016. Kai suffered severe head trauma and fractures to his legs and hips.

The driver was apparently using his mobile phone at the time of the accident.

Speaking to Ian Payne, Kai's father - Rakesh Khetani - revealed that the driver responsible was found guilty and received a mere two-year suspended sentence, three-month curfew and three-year driving ban.

Ian Payne
Picture: LBC

When Mr Khetani was asked by Ian what he would have liked to have happened, he said that he wanted a tougher sentence.

"I feel like my son's been murdered. He needs 24-hour care, he doesn't talk, he doesn't eat, can't move, literally bed-bound. For me, that feels as if my whole family has been murdered.

"He's out, not bothered, no remorse in court, no letter to the judge saying sorry to the family... it's just an absolute joke. I just couldn't believe the judge, what he gave."

When asked by Ian what he thought of the prospect of tougher sentences, Mr Khetani said that he was in favour of toughening the law, expressing that the current system is "a joke".