Teaching Equality Needed To Prevent Hate Crime, Says Homophobic Attack Victim

9 June 2019, 18:16 | Updated: 9 June 2019, 18:27

An actor who was a victim in a homophobic attack tells LBC children should be taught about LGBT issues to help prevent hate crime.

Two actors on their way to a theatre performance they both starred in when they were hit by an object.

Rebecca Banatvala and her partner Lucy Jane Parkinson were starring in Rotterdam at the Nuffield Southampton Theatres.

But off the back of protests in Birmingham that are calling for a primary school to stop promoting equality to its pupils, Rebecca told Ian Payne said: "You might see two men together, or you might see two women together and being educated about homosexual relationships does not mean being educated about sex.

"There are so many facets to love and that's what you're teaching kids.

"You're not teaching them how to become gay, if a kid is gay they're gay, and they need to know that it's completely acceptable, that so many people are and they're entitled to have a happy life."

Actor Ms Banatvala said she kissed her partner, a fellow actor, who was struck and knocked to the ground.

The production company, who cancelled two performances of Rotterdam said in a statement: "Two actors were assaulted yesterday on their way to work.

"The assailants verbally abused them and threw stones from their car window, one of which struck an actor in the face.

"They have sustained only minor injuries but are hugely shaken from this cowardly, homophobic hate crime."

It comes just days after two women were left covered in blood after a homophobic attack on a night bus in London.

Melania Geymonat and her date Chris were beaten by four male teenagers who demanded they kiss each other.

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