Ian Payne Puts Government's "True Record On Climate" To Tory MP

19 April 2019, 15:24 | Updated: 19 April 2019, 15:28

After Andrew Rosindell responded to Extinction Rebellion protests by writing that the Conservative party are leading the way in reducing emissions, Ian Payne read him the Government's real record on climate.

Extinction Rebellion protesters continue to block off key areas of London on their fifth day of climate change protests.

Dame Emma Thompson arrived at the Extinction Rebellion protest in Oxford Circus earlier today and told reporters she had come to support the movement and had been greatly inspired by it.

One person who has not been impressed by the protesters however is Andrew Rosindell, the Conservative MP for Romford.

The Conservative MP wrote a piece online where he said: "It seems this group seem more intent on causing mischief than they do addressing the main issue here.

"Climate Change is an important issue and I’m glad the Conservative party are leading the way in reducing greenhouse gas emissions."

Speaking to Ian Payne on Friday, Andrew Rosindell did not back down on his comments, and so Ian Payne decided to read him a tweet by the Green Party's Caroline Lucas about the Governments "true record on climate":

Andrew Rosindell responded: "Caroline is politically motivated...they're put in a way that sounds like they're negative but she's not really unveiling the facts behind them".

When Ian asked if the statements were true or not, the MP conceded that he wasn't sure.

The MP credited Margaret Thatcher with "initiating" the action on climate change, conceding that "mistakes have been made but the general trajectory has been towards being a much more environmentally friendly government".