Stanley Johnson wants lockdown ease for over 70's so he can climb Kilimanjaro

3 May 2020, 16:50

By Seán Hickey

The Prime Minister's father told LBC he believes the government shouldn't be discriminating against certain pockets of the public.

Stanley Johnson, who is due to turn 80 in August, had planned on climbing the highest peak in Africa for the fourth time in an effort to raise funds to protect the Asian Elephant.

Mr Johnson told Ian Payne he has "total respect for the way the government is handling the coronavirus" but insisted that "if I can find a way to get back on that mountain I want to do it".

A serial philanthropist and animal rights activist, Mr Johnson told LBC "when coronavirus is all over some of the other problems are still here" and included the plight of the Asian Elephant in this category.

His goal as he revealed to Ian was to try "to get the British government to encourage travel firms not to sell holidays where Asian Elephants are abused."

"Training an elephant involves terrible cruelty" he added and warned Ian "unless we can do something now, we're in trouble."

Stanley Johnson wanted to climb Kilimanjaro to raise money for the Asian elephant
Stanley Johnson wanted to climb Kilimanjaro to raise money for the Asian elephant. Picture: PA

Acknowledging the drop in cruelty at this moment in time, Mr Johnson warned that "lockdown will be over and people will promote it again."

Ian commended Boris Johnson's father for his work and pushed for his view on shielding the over 70's. "Should it be for individuals to decide whether they should or shouldn't go out" he asked.

Mr Johnson was eager to get his view across, assuring Ian that he believes it should be up to the individual person to say whether they are fit and healthy enough to go outside during lockdown.

"It is absolutely vital the government is taking careful steps but they shouldn't discriminate against certain parts of the population" he warned.

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