Survival Expert Reveals What No Deal Brexit Stockpiles Should Have

17 February 2019, 18:32

A survival expert who offers a course on how to survive a breakdown of civil society post-Brexit reveals what no-deal stockpiling should look like.

Survival expert Tom Linden said that by offering his course on no-deal civil unrest survival was all about "preparing for something going wrong".

Speaking to Ian Payne, he said his course gives information on emergency cooking, emergency lighting and heating, and help on dealing with stressful situations like being split apart from family members.

But when asked whether he is supporting 'project fear', Mr Linden said he was "only doing what any prudent person would do".

"If you do stockpile, you've lost nothing because if nothing happens you just eat your way through your stockpile," he said.

He added: "It saves you going shopping for a couple of weeks."

Ian Payne in the LBC studio
Ian Payne in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

Mr Linden's course costs attendees just under £300, and is combined with a nuclear survival course.

Asked whether he believes civil fallout will occur after Brexit, Mr Linden said NHS and government stockpiling and preparations for martial law run through his mind.

"We're looking at serious consequences," he said.

"The army is on standby for martial law, and the NHS and government are stockpiling."

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