The Call About Crows That Left Listeners In Hysterics

26 April 2019, 14:17 | Updated: 26 April 2019, 14:22

A caller says crows should not be culled as she feeds them in her garden and they can recognise human faces.

Christine phoned LBC to tell Ian Payne that crows shouldn't be culled as she's friendly with those who visit her garden.

It follows Natural England revoking three general licences for controlling certain wild birds, such as crows, after a campaign by environmentalists.

Farmers have reacted angrily, arguing that the licenses are necessary to protect livestock and other animals.

Christine said: "They are really intelligent and they recognise human faces."

She says she calls her birds Russell Crow and Bromley, she feeds them chicken bones and that she even sometimes talks to them sometimes.

When asked whether they should be culled or not, Chrstine said: "No, i don't think you should cull them."

"It's survival of the fittest really, it's the way nature is and you can say that about any species, not just crows."

Watch the full clip above.