Debate Between UKIP Founder And Remain Campaigner Turns Into Row

4 February 2019, 11:19

Alan Sked was adamant that Nissan's decision was nothing to do with Brexit but Femi Oluwole strongly disagreed.

The debate surrounded Nissan's decision to move manufacturing of their new X-trail model from Sunderland to Japan, and whether this had anything to do with Brexit.

Gianluca de Ficchy, Nissan's Europe Chairman, said yesterday that the decision was a mixture of investment needed for emissions regulations and reduced sales forecasts but added uncertainty over Brexit had also played a part.

In light of this, Femi Oluwole, co-founder of Our Future; Our Choice, and Alan Sked, Founder of UKIP, appeared on Ian Payne to discuss Nissan's decision.

Alan Sked argued that the move had nothing to do with Brexit and said that "desperate and despairing" people were using cases like this as "propaganda".

However, Femi Oluwole strongly disagreed as he underlined that leaving the EU would result in charges on the 70% of cars which are sent to Europe from Nissan's factory in Sunderland.

Ian Payne
Picture: LBC

Despite some strong points being made, the debate soon descended into a row as the two spoke over one another and some shade was thrown.

The UKIP founder told the Remain campaigner that "the idea that the economy is going to sink under the waves is a delusion which only you suffer from".

Ian Payne struggled to maintain control of the debate as he pleaded with his guests to not talk over one another, and fought to bring an end to the discussion as the passionate guests continued to debate.

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