Watch: Caller Believes "The West Are The Terrorists"

14 July 2017, 14:16 | Updated: 14 July 2017, 14:31

Ian Payne battles a caller who believes Christians are "the most dangerous types of human beings" in the world.

Ronnie from Vauxhall told Ian Payne that the USA, UK and France were "the terrorist nations" and Christians are "the most dangerous type of human beings" in the world.

After Ian asked Ronnie what those in the West can do to stop terrorism he said "stop terrorising the Middle East and stop killing in the Middle East."

The caller told the LBC presenter he believed "the West are the terrorists" because governments "go around like judge, jury and policemen, destablilising and butchering."

Caller says "the West are terrorists"
Caller says "the West are terrorists". Picture: LBC

Ronnie said that he believed terrorist attacks happen in the UK because citizens vote for "politicians that are not warmongers, imperialists and neo-colonialists."

He said that no religion had "caused more atrocities" across the world than Christianity.

When asked by Ian whether he was advocating voting for pacifists Ronnie said Britain's should vote for politicans who don't have an agenda.