Jacob Rees-Mogg: I Will Do Anything I Can To Help Boris Johnson

19 July 2019, 18:38

When caller appealed to Jacob Rees-Mogg to "make a sacrifice" and "serve your country" the Tory MP had the response the caller wanted.

He told Jacob that Boris Johnson needed "people like you" asking if he would "make that sacrifice and serve in Boris's Cabinet, "he wants you."

Jacob said: "Well, I don't know if he does" but if Boris asks him to serve then yes "of course" he would.

The Tory MP said he would "do anything I could" to help him. And if he wanted him to be in the Cabinet then he would, but equally he would also remain on the backbenches if asked.

Jacob said he had been backing Boris for "some time" and that he thinks he's the right person for the job.

The caller said that Boris needs a "details man" adding that Mr Johnson sees the big picture.

Jacob said he thought Boris really knows "exactly where he wants to go."

Watch the whole exchange in the video at the top of the page, or click here to watch the whole Jacob Rees-Mogg show.