Alastair Campbell: Theresa May Has Stuck Two Fingers Up To Remainers Over Brexit

19 September 2017, 13:51

Alastair Campbell has laid in to Theresa May’s plan for Brexit, claiming the Prime Minister has “stuck two fingers up” to Remainers.

The former Labour spin doctor said it was a “scandal” that the Conservative leader had made “no attempt to bring the country together” since her premiership began last year.

He joined James O’Brien ahead of the Prime Minister’s widely anticipated Brexit speech in Florence on Friday.

She will discuss the status of Brexit negotiations as well as outline her plans for the UK’s future outside of the EU.

However, during a passionate interview on LBC, Mr Campbell, who is pro-Remain, argued Mrs May “doesn’t know” what she is trying to achieve.

He told James: “If you’re being fair to her she became Prime Minister off the back of Brexit, Cameron left, she came in.

“She probably does feel quite a profound sense of duty to deliver it but the scandal for me is that from day one, she, having been part of the 48 per cent, she completely stuck two fingers up to the 48 per cent.

“She has made no effort to bring the country together behind the plan.”