James O'Brien analyses PMQs clash in which Boris Johnson got the better of Keir Starmer

17 June 2020, 14:10 | Updated: 17 June 2020, 14:13

James O'Brien believes Keir Starmer fluffed his lines at PMQs after a fiery clash with Boris Johnson about schools re-opening.

The two leaders clashed over schools, with Mr Johnson turning the tables on the Leader of the Opposition and asking him to answer some questions in the House of Commons session.

Reviewing the action, James told his LBC audience: "I felt that Boris Johnson got the better of Keir Starmer.

"The average voter doesn't really care that Prime Minister's Question's is supposed to involve the Prime Minister answering questions, not asking them.

Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer clashed over schools at PMQs
Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer clashed over schools at PMQs. Picture: PA

"It's about blame. Something is going wrong, it's clearly the government's fault and they're going to try to blame it on somebody else. You can't really blame the chaos in our schools at the moment on immigrants. Or Muslims, or single mothers or people who've got too many children.

"So what's left? Trades unions. Down with the unions.

"I don't understand why Starmer fluffed it. Why not say 'Of course schools should open when it's safe. But it's not for you to decide whether they're safe, it's for teachers and headteachers to decide when they're safe.

"There seems to be so much that Starmer could have come back on.

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