Furious caller tells James O'Brien UK's back to school strategy is "appalling"

25 August 2020, 14:06

By Fiona Jones

This furious caller told James O'Brien she is "appalled" at the UK Government's back to school strategy compared to other countries and if they don't know what to do "they're stupid."

Caller Valerie who recently came over from west Australia, where there have been no Covid-19 cases since April, told James she is "absolutely appalled at the messages going out to people about what they're supposed to do."

She said, "If we're testing it means nothing unless we get the results in 24 hours otherwise we can't trace.

"When children go into school, they should wear a mask going into the school, they should sit down at their desk, they should have a little plastic container to put their mask in...they should put the masks on when they're moving around the school."

Valerie said that people in "many many countries" are wearing shields while the UK "doesn't address" wearing them.

She said this country should emulate the likes of Asia where children take off their school clothes and put them in a bag before getting in to the car.

"All I'm seeing here, and I'm really really angry about this, is 'do this, do that, watch the numbers', everything is describing exactly what people should be doing. It's not telling people the facts as they should be told.

"I don't believe these people running the Government don't know these things, if they don't they're stupid and they shouldn't be in."

Valerie said if she were in charge there would be more clear instruction on what everyone must do and why; she'd throw everything possible at this potential problem in the hope of avoiding it.