Boris Johnson Is Charming But A Massive Liar, Says James O'Brien

18 September 2017, 12:40

"I voted for him, I fell for the seductive exterior."

James O'Brien has admitted he fell for Boris Johnson's allure, in spite of the Foreign Secretary's repeated deceptions.

The head of the statistics watchdog told Boris off yesterday, after repeating the widely discredited claim that the UK will save 350-million pounds a week when it leaves the EU.

Sir David Norgrove says it's a "clear misuse" of official figures.

The Foreign Secretary had appealed to James O'Brien in London's Mayoral elections
The Foreign Secretary had appealed to James O'Brien in London's Mayoral elections. Picture: LBC

James O'Brien said: "I make no apology for voting for him but I do think in retrospect I got sucked in my a very seductive exterior.

"He does this thing where he greets you: 'Hello comrade!'

"He's funny, he's erudite, he can be very charming. But he is a massive liar.

"And before President Trump became the President of America we all laboured under the illusion that being a massive liar would somehow be an obstacle to high office.

"What's he up to now? With that resurrection of the £350m porkie on the side of the bus in Friday's Daily Telegraph.

"He's trying to blame it on the headline writers. But any journalist will know that's bogus, he might just be able to pull the wool over the eyes of people outside the profession but the idea that will have appeared on the front of the Telegraph without him knowing every piece of punctuation of his proof copy is palpably absurd.

Watch the full take down above.