How can Boris Johnson be proud of this coronavirus response, asks James O'Brien

5 June 2020, 12:43 | Updated: 5 June 2020, 12:44

By Adrian Sherling

James O'Brien summed up the government decisions in the last week and asked how Boris Johnson could say he was proud of their response.

Despite Britain having more deaths from Covid-19 than any other European country, the Prime Minister said he was “very proud” of the government’s record on the coronavirus.

Speaking on his LBC show this morning, James went over the things the government did this week and then asked how he could possibly have been proud of them.

He talked about the introduction of facemasks on public transport, months after they have been compulsory in many other European countries.

He talked about the queue of MPs that Conservative MP Steve Baker labelled a farce, before voting for the bill backing it.

He talked about the plan to quarantine international travellers arriving in the UK from countries where the infection rate is lower than ours.

He talked about reports that the government's track and trace system may not be fully operational until October, according to its Chief Operational Officer.

James O'Brien asked what Boris Johnson is proud of
James O'Brien asked what Boris Johnson is proud of. Picture: LBC / PA

James likened the government ministers to Comical Ali, the Iraqi spokesperson who was insisting everything was fine during the Gulf War, even when buildings were exploding behind him.

"That's where we are now," he said. "We are now governed by Comical Ali. We've got 10 Comical Alis queueing up to tell us everything's fine.

"Quarantine, facemasks, even the House of Commons has been completely rendered ridiculous by the same people. It's the same people every time."

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