Boris Johnson Voter Tells James O'Brien He's "Lost For Words" By Boris's "Awful" Phone-In

25 June 2019, 13:29 | Updated: 25 June 2019, 13:38

James O'Brien speaks to a lot of disillusioned leave voters. But this disappointed caller, who voted for Brexit based on Boris Johnson's promises, really moved him.

Anthony called James to say that he was "staggered" by Boris Johnson's phone-in with Nick Ferrari, saying he struggled to believe that he was influenced so much by him.

"I can't believe the interview," he said. "I thought it was awful. I'm almost wanting a grown-up to be interviewed.

"After that interview I'm lost for words."

Asked when it was during the 35-minute interview that he changed his mind on Mr Johnson, he said: "Almost straight away. He just wouldn't answer a question.

"For someone who has done so little in talking to people in the build-up to becoming Prime Minister, I can't believe he didn't have anything to say. I'm staggered by it."

James O'Brien heard from his disillusioned Boris Johnson fan
James O'Brien heard from his disillusioned Boris Johnson fan. Picture: LBC

James told him: "I can feel a sense of political despair in your voice. There's a sense of having put everything on black and they've just spun the wheel and it's red."

Anthony agreed: "That's a very fair way of describing it."

When James asked if this makes him reassess what he thinks about Brexit, Anthony admitted: "It makes me question how much I've been caught up in the two tribes thing. The nastiness and the abusiveness in the way that we've discussed Brexit, I think people dig their heels in and I think I've been guilty of that."

James summed up the remarkable call: "You were conned. Compassion for the conned. Contempt for the conmen.

"Thank you for your call. To choose that as your very first contribution to LBC is really honourable and that's not a word I use very often."