This Is Boris Johnson's Cynical Reason For Backing The NHS: James O'Brien

23 January 2018, 11:40 | Updated: 23 January 2018, 12:29

Boris Johnson has demanded Theresa May gives £100million of money that doesn't exist to the NHS. It's so cynical, says James O'Brien.

Reports today say that the Foreign Secretary will pitch to start giving the money we will stop giving to the EU to the NHS instead. He sees this as the start of the £350million claim from the Leave battle bus which even Nigel Farage admitted is not true.

But James says he knows that's not achievable... he just wants to be able to say the NHS is nothing to do with him.

James O'Brien believes Boris Johnson's motives were cynical
James O'Brien believes Boris Johnson's motives were cynical. Picture: LBC / PA

Referring to the newspaper coverage of his demand, James said: "Don't mention the money Boris has wasted, just mention the money that doesn't exist that he's demanded goes to the NHS in order to further undermine the Prime Minister and further jockey for position in the looming leadership election.

"And that my friends is politics and that's why I increasingly wonder what the role of journalism is supposed to be at the moment."