'The Biggest Benefit Of Brexit? Cheaper Fish And Chips.'

29 March 2017, 12:26

James O'Brien Mouth Open

Put on the spot by James O'Brien about what the biggest benefit to normal Brits will be after Brexit, caller Paul has one answer: cheaper fish and chips.

Paul's a security guard who phoned James determined to make the positive case for Brexit but ultimately struggled to come up with something that the LBC presenter wasn't able to challenge.

"So how are things going to get better for you?"

"Fishing. Fish and chips will be cheaper."

"No, they won't though, will they?" responded James. Paul's response: "They might do. We're going to get £2bn more fish that we can sell throughout Europe.

"We can't sell it into Europe mate because we've just left the single market. Come on, positive thinking Paul. Stop a minute, positive thinking and try again...positive thinking, how's your life going to get better?"

"Fish and chips on a Friday will be cheaper," responded Paul with a laugh. James didn't seem impressed and neither were a lot of listeners on Twitter:

Some Irish people were also struck by the claim - it seems it might be a convincing reason to leave: