James O'Brien: Argument on Brexit is 'over, that ship has sailed'

14 September 2020, 15:25

By Joe Cook

Ahead of the vote on Boris Johnson's controversial Brexit divorce deal, LBC's James O'Brien called on people to recognise the argument on leaving the EU "is over", but said this means we should not let the government lie to us about the deal.

"It has become absolutely crystal clear that we were completely and 100 per cent correct," James said, "Not just about the Good Friday Agreement, but about the NHS and the German car industry and holding all the cards.

"But it doesn't matter anymore, we lost, it's over, that ship has sailed," he said.

Boris Johnson's bill overrides parts of the divorce deal he signed with the European Union in December, a move that has led to a rebellion amongst some senior Tories who argue the legislation breaches international law.

The Prime Minister claims the legislation is needed as under the current Withdrawal Agreement the EU could install a "blockade" in the Irish Sea.

As the bill returns to the Commons on Monday, James commented: "I don't really know how I feel, nine months later, to see the people that told us it was oven-ready and brilliant describing it as being so awful that we are going to have to break international law to get out of it. It is so bald, it is so clear.

"Back in December, the abuse and the vitriol that was directed at people who said precisely what Boris Johnson is saying now was incredible. And that abuse and vitriol came from people who believed that the deal with oven-ready and brilliant," he added.

"Goodness knows how many times I've thought we have reached a really significant, possibly terminal, milestone. But I keep stressing, the argument about leaving is over. So you don't have to carry on letting them lie to you."