Brexit: James O'Brien caller fears for UK as 'we're no longer the artery between US and Europe'

24 November 2020, 14:30

By Fiona Jones

This James O'Brien caller fears for post-Brexit Britain as "we're no longer the artery between the US and Europe" and our closest neighbours will not want to trade with us due to "all the additional barriers".

Caller Jonathan works in data and has worked as the conduit between US firms and European data - yet, the year the Brexit referendum happened, his clients moved to other cities as regulations between the UK and EU were not established.

"I'm left fishing in a pond, the pond consists of US clients, and why would they use me because...the deal that's coming is a skeleton," he told James.

"Let's say next year the dust all settles, there's utter rancour in Europe. Why would they use a British company that's trading outside of their trading bloc with all the additional barriers?" he said.

"If they send medical data, which is what I deal in from the EU to me, if we don't have a legal framework for that then we get prosecuted."

Jonathan told James he used to be a member of the Conservative Party but left after viewing Brexit as a "massive disruption."

"There was an artery connecting the US to Europe and it's a data artery and Brexit put a clamp on that artery," he said, pointing out that arteries also flow to Europe, such as Paris or Antwerp, and there are regulations which will provide protection.