'Brexit red tape means I still can't sell to EU and NI,' cheese producer tells James O'Brien

19 February 2021, 14:57

By Fiona Jones

Brexit red tape has left the Cheshire Cheese Company unable to sell to the EU and Northern Ireland and "it seems that it can't be resolved."

The chief, Simon Spurrell, told LBC, "The last time I spoke to you we had an issue with us not being able to ship directly to consumers in the EU - that remains.

"There's been absolutely no movement on that, no actual advice or any consultation. I was actually promised a meeting with Government four weeks ago."

He was told, after his tweets picked up traction, that he would be having a meeting with Environment and Food Secretary George Eustice but "we've been hit by endless knockbacks including we can't actually ship to Northern Ireland either because the border is the UK."

"Not only have we lost the EU consumer market, we've lost the Northern Irish market," Mr Spurrell said, telling James their Northern Ireland distributor now does not deem it worth it to sell their cheese wholesale due to "too much paperwork."

"The UK is becoming smaller and smaller for us and yet there's still no sunlit horizon for us and no answers to the situation we're in," he said.

James remarked that he sounded less upbeat than the last time they spoke on the issue to which the cheese producer responded: "More and more it seems that it can't be resolved."

James reflected to those who voted Brexit, "Having voted for less red tape you've actually created more."