Brexit Supporter Voted To “Take Back Control” But Can’t Name James One EU Law

20 June 2017, 13:22

Shane in Southall said he voted Leave because of the laws the European Union had imposed on Britain - but when James O’Brien asked him to name at least one, well, he simply couldn’t.

The LBC caller said he wasn’t happy with how the bloc had transformed from the original European Economic Community to a “superstate”.

“We’ve given more power to Europe… they basically decide our laws and what we’re going to do,” Shane said.

But what are the specific laws he doesn’t like having to obey? That’s the question James repeatedly asked over and over again.

“To tell you the truth I can’t, not at this moment in time,” the stumped LBC caller responded after being repeatedly pressured to name at least one.

James O'Brien next to some flags
Picture: LBC/PA

As the entertaining conversation continued, James wanted to see whether he could change Shane’s mind on remaining inside the EU.

James asked: “Would it be better if every member had the power to veto any single item of legislation, would that make you happier?

“If every single member could veto every single bill in the European Parliament. If every member country had the power to veto anything significant?”

The idea seemed to please the Brexit supporter as he replied: “That would be something, yes.”

Unbeknown to Shane there was one catch. Britain can already do that as a member of the EU.

Watch the brilliant phone call in full above.