Brexiteer Tries To Justify Blue Passports To James O’Brien, Ends Up Talking About Bins

22 December 2017, 10:59 | Updated: 22 December 2017, 14:52

A Brexiteer tried to tells James O’Brien why the return of blue passports was a good thing, but ended up talking about how Brexit would be good for bins.

Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis announced on Friday that British passports would change to a blue and gold design after Britain had left the EU.

He said: “Leaving the EU gives us a unique opportunity to restore our national identity and forge a new path for ourselves in the world.”

Ross called James O’Brien to welcome the news, and he was even more elated the words “European Union” would no longer be displayed on the document.

So, James asked: “You voted Leave to take two words off your driving licence and passport?”

“Don’t simplify it in that ridiculous manner,” the caller retorted.

“It’s so that we don’t have to transpose EU directives into British law without any democratic process.”

James O'Brien
Picture: LBC

The response led James to question: “Give me the things that you feel constrained by, or the laws you don’t like - or the things you’re the things you’re looking forward not to have to do.”

“There’s all sorts of things,” Ross said. “Take a small one from the EU Landfill Directive.”

And this is when events took a rather bizarre turn as James was repeatedly forced to asked the caller: “Tell me what you’re going to be able to do with your bins once we’ve left Ross?”

Watch the encounter in full in the video at the top of this page.