Brexiteer Loving Trump’s Work Can’t Tell James O’Brien Why He’s Loving Trump’s Work

8 June 2018, 11:32

This Brexiteer proudly declared he was loving the work of Donald Trump, but was unable to point out one example of what he loved - despite James O’Brien asking more than 12 times.

“Cards on the table, I’m a Brexiteer loving Trump’s work,” Alex began in his call to LBC.

But it soon went down hill when James replied: “What’s your favourite bit?”

The row was sparked after Boris Johnson suggested the US President could do a better job with the Brexit talks, saying Theresa May needed to shows "guts".

In a leaked tape, obtained by Buzzfeed, the Foreign Secretary told 20 people in a private room he was “increasingly admiring the President”, adding “imagine Trump doing Brexit”.

Alex agreed and decided to phone James O’Brien to show his support for the US President.

Boris Johnson
Picture: LBC

He came unstuck, however, when the LBC presenter repeatedly asked him for one example of Trump’s work that he loved.

“I just want to cut to the chase,” the caller said as he tried to dodge James’ question.

“He’s a politician who does what he says unlike here,” Alex said.

So James asked again: “Yes, but what’s the thing he’s done? What’s the act he’s done?”

Realising he couldn’t get away with not answering anymore, Alex finally conceded: “I'm not that in tune with American politics to give you a definite answer.”

And as the row became ever more spikey, James ended it, saying: “Cards on the table Alex, you’re a clown”.

Watch the moment above.