James O'Brien's Brilliant Response To Caller Over Brexit Trade Deal Claim

13 June 2019, 15:04

When this caller insisted Brexit would mean the UK could do deals with countries who we can't trade with at the moment, James O'Brien had the perfect response.

Luke, who revealed he went to the same school as James, said that once we leave the European Union, we can announce more deals that we can't complete while we're a part of the EU.

When James asked for examples, Luke gave the recent announcement over a deal with South Korea announced by Liam Fox.

However, when James pointed out that deal is a replica of the agreement they have already struck with the EU, Luke wouldn't accept defeat.

James O'Brien had a mic drop moment with this caller
James O'Brien had a mic drop moment with this caller. Picture: PA / LBC

He insisted it was still a benefit of Brexit, but James told him: "You have to listen to the words I've just said. You said countries we wouldn't be able to touch as European Union members, for example South Korea.

"The deal that Liam Fox announced last week with South Korea is a rollover of the deal that the European Union negotiated with South Korea."

Luke insisted he was still right.

And then James ended the call with a perfect mic drop moment.

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