Caller Breaks Down Over Racial Abuse Of Wife

31 August 2016, 11:06 | Updated: 12 September 2016, 11:53

Tim phoned James O'Brien in the wake of the murder of a Polish man in Essex to share his very sad story of his Romanian wife facing terrible abuse.

She's lived in the UK for nine years, she's studying for a business degree and working to help disadvantaged people - but that didn't stop Tim's wife facing horrible abuse.

"We've been married together for 10 years, she's come from an academic background in Romania.

"She's been working every day since she came here, started in a fish factory and has moved up to getting qualifications and she's just finishing a management degree."

She also works with an organisation supporting disadvantaged people in the local community and as part of that, covered a breakfast shift in a restaurant.

"It was during that session that she was verbally and racially abused and one person was shouting because they didn't want to be served by her.

"The look in my wife - "

At this point Tim broke down in tears, audibly upset.

"The look in my wife's eyes and what that effect has had on an extremely academic, wonderful, contributing member of society...I am completely and utterly ashamed."

It was a powerful call and one that sparked a very strong reaction from listeners: