Caller buckles after accusing James O'Brien of justifying breaking lockdown rules

6 April 2020, 15:56 | Updated: 6 April 2020, 16:02

By Fiona Jones

This caller's argument fell apart after he accused James O'Brien of justifying breaking lockdown rules...

The caller George said he was "flabbergasted at how irresponsible" James was being by even having a discussion about whether people should be sitting on commons.

James corrected him, "They categorically shouldn't do that but there is sufficient confusion out there that we need to help them understand why they shouldn't be doing that."

George repeated that discussing it people leaving the house could encourage people to leave the house, even though James was condemning those that did.

"If I say don't jump off a bridge, you'd jump off a bridge, would you?" asked James, "This programme is designed to clarify the message to make sure that more and more people stop behaving in that way and you're hearing an exhortation to go out and do the opposite. I suspect the problem is with you."

Police moving people along who are sunbathing in Regent's Park
Police moving people along who are sunbathing in Regent's Park. Picture: PA

"If somebody went out this weekend and decided to do some yoga in the park or to sunbathe, they've clearly got the message wrong, how would you help clarify the message for them?" asked James, "What would make it easier to grasp for them that they currently can't grasp?"

George responded that the problem is when people hear "Stay at Home, Save Lives" it doesn't resonate until it happens to them personally and they have a loved one diagnosed.

James reiterated again that the issue is people don't understand why they must stay at home and cannot see why they are compromising the country by being two metres away from others in a park. George insisted by saying this, James was justifying breaking lockdown rules.

James pushed George to explain why people shouldn't be lingering or sunbathing in parks and when George couldn't, James said this was the exact reason he was discussing the topic, so people could understand.