Caller's Shocking Tale Of Being Sent To Buy Food For Her Hospitalised Daughter

18 June 2019, 13:51 | Updated: 18 June 2019, 15:02

This is the moving call where a grieving mother tells LBC she was forced to go into debt to provide food for her hospitalised daughter.

This caller told LBC that her daughter died after having a "horrendous time in hospital."

Movingly, she told James O'Brien her daughter had to have two tracheotomies, where a tube is placed into the throat to help to breathe.

The caller told James of her daughter's problems getting the right food in the hospital. She had been told her daughter could only eat yoghurts and soft foods but was only offered sandwiches or meat.

Shockingly, the caller said she was "told to go down to Marks and Spencers," and get the food herself.

"I was running around and doing that all the time," the caller said, revealing she stayed in the hospital 24 hours a day.

James O'Brien was visibly moved during the call
James O'Brien was visibly moved during the call. Picture: LBC

The caller said that the hospital did not have the correct probiotic yoghurts her daughter needed, so she had to go out and buy them herself.

When James asked if the problem was the lack of people in the right posts the caller told a sorry tale of having to go from ward to ward begging for the right food.

"I wish Jeremy Hunt" would speak to the public the caller told LBC.

James said it seemed it was "as if the person who would have been in charge of what you're describing doesn't exist any more."

"I had to go and fight for a yoghurt," the caller told James. Revealing in the end she had to go to a supermarket and provide all the food herself.

"To save my daughter's life," the caller said she was more than happy to do so.

But, James pointed out there would be people who were unable to wouldn't have been able to do that, causing the caller to reveal she ended up going into her overdraft to take care of her daughter while she was in the hospital.

"You don't think at that time you can't afford it if somebody needs something you do whatever to go and get it," she said.

The anguished mother told James that there need to be people separate from the nursing staff giving out food.

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