Caller explains fishing rights are so important to Brexiteers

7 December 2020, 14:27

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This was the moment a caller explained to James O'Brien why he thought the subject of fishing rights was so important to Brexiteers.

This caller told LBC he used to be a fisherman and spoke to James O'Brien about the issue amid on-going Brexit trade talks.

When James asked the caller why he though "fish holds this spell," the caller's reply was swift.

He told James that the UK has a "massive coastline where virtually no one lives compared to the cities."

And then he made a comment LBC presenter James couldn't disagree with.

He said the people of the UK "have this romantic idea of us ruling the waves."

"I think you're right," James said.

On Sunday British sources denied reports that there had been a breakthrough on the thorny issue of future fishing rights during UK-EU trade negotiations.

Reports suggested they had agreed to a transition period for phasing in changes for access for EU boats to UK waters of between five and seven years.

However, a UK Government source said: "There's been no breakthrough on fish. Nothing new has been achieved on this today."