Caller explains why Spain's 'strict' lockdown is superior to the UK's

19 May 2021, 13:39

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This James O'Brien caller in Spain tells LBC the country's approach to tackling Covid is 'strict' but superior to the UK's.

Speaking to an LBC listener in Spain, James O'Brien asked why it seemed that local lockdowns were viewed as not working in the UK, but worked well in Europe.

The caller pointed out that the local lockdown had been better enforced and you "never knew when" you might happen across a roadblock.

James asked if this led to people avoiding breaking the rules due to the possibility of getting stopped.

This led to the caller highlighting the difference between the Spanish and British Police with the former being more likely to demand people "get their wallets out."

The conversation comes as ambassadors from EU countries are meeting to discuss whether to allow people who have been fully vaccinated to visit countries in the bloc without any restrictions.

"We had a much better lockdown regime than yours," was how the caller summed up the issue facing Brits.