James O'Brien's Caller Has Mic Drop Moment About Jeremy Corbyn

4 September 2018, 11:42

This caller to James O'Brien made a brilliant point about Jeremy Corbyn and Israel - and then declared "I have nothing else to say".

Jeremy in Belsize Park explained the reason for the Labour leader's opposition to Israel - his background as a campaigner.

He told James O'Brien: "The problem with Corbyn is painfully simple - and the same probably goes for a lot of his supporters.

"He's a campaigner. And as a campaigner, he only really cares as an obsession about the underdog.

"In Israel itself, Jews aren't the underdogs. In his slightly-limited, unsophisticated take on history, in many echelons of business, Jews aren't the underdogs either.

"I think that's all it is."

Jeremy's comment made James O'Brien laugh
Jeremy's comment made James O'Brien laugh. Picture: LBC

It left James saying: "Gosh. I like that," to which Jeremy replied, "I have nothing else to say."

That mic drop moment left James in hysterics. Watch it at the top of the page.