James O'Brien caller insists the Queen should publicly shame Prince Andrew

19 November 2019, 12:30

This James O'Brien caller insisted that the only way to punish Prince Andrew is for the Queen to publicly shame her son.

The caller John from Reading said: "One thing that money can't buy or money won't stop is shame. I think his mother should start publicly volunteering or publicly working with women's charities and there's nothing more disheartening to a child than the shame of his mother."

James agreed and wondered whose opinion Prince Andrew cares about: "He clearly doesn't care about Epstein's victims, he doesn't care about his critics, he presumably doesn't care much about the media - I'm not suggesting he should.

"But you have to hope he cares about his mother's opinion and his mother's condemnation only really counts if it's done publicly, but I can't see that happening."

John posited that the Queen wouldn't have to say his name, merely show her support for specific women's survival charities, which would in itself contain a pointed message.

Prince Andrew should feel his mother's shame, said caller
Prince Andrew should feel his mother's shame, said caller. Picture: PA

James countered that Prince Andrew should be working "on the ground floor" of these charities, confronting the terrible issue as opposed to the Royal Family "having their name on a letterhead."

He also questioned why the Queen wouldn't say her son's name; "why can't she just say with grave regret and gratitude for all his good works over the years I have concluded that His Royal Highness Prince Andrew can no longer represent me on any stage or in anyway because he's friends with a man who got sent to jail for solicited an underage girl for prostitution."

James continued that the reason for the survival of this hierarchy was due to the historical insistence that God wanted the monarchy there.

"That's what the divine right is there to do," he said, "to diffuse questions like this.

"Even if he hadn't been busted behaving in such a grim fashion, why the hell should you have to call him 'sir'? Or indeed call her 'ma'am'? Why should your daughters have to bow to his daughters?"