Caller Is Against Nationalisation Of Railways But Can't Answer Simple Question

11 May 2017, 12:02 | Updated: 11 May 2017, 12:36

William in Finchley is against nationalisation of railways, saying it wouldn't help the national debt, but he cannot answer James's simple question: why?

According to the leaked Labour Party manifesto, Corbyn's government would seek to re-nationalise the rail, mail and energy firms. 

James O'Brien thinks that the word "nationalisation" has been deemed a "dirty word", and asked his audience why that might be. 

That's when William in Finchley phoned in, he is against the nationalisation.

“We can’t afford nationalisation. We’re not even close to paying off the national credit card bill.” He told James.

James suggested that profits from nationalised rail, energy and other sectors could be going into the British treasury instead of companies in France, Germany, Holland and other places. This, he said, could help pay off our “credit card bill”.

“Why would sending hundreds of millions to foreign governments be a good approach to reducing our national debt?” Is the question James asked William to answer in order to explain his position.

A question he asked eleven times...