This Caller Is James O'Brien's Proof That Brexiteers Won't Listen To Reason

10 July 2017, 11:15

James O'Brien had ideal evidence that Vince Cable is wrong to say that people will change their mind over Brexit - this caller.

The former Business Minister suggested that Brexit may not happen because the deal we will get will be so bad.

But James O'Brien told him he's wrong: Brexiteers won't listen to rational points.

And had this remarkable exchange with Wayne in Chelmsford to back him up.

James O'Brien laughing at his discussion with Wayne in Chelmsford
James O'Brien laughing at his discussion with Wayne in Chelmsford. Picture: LBC

Wayne insisted that Brexit isn't about the economy, it's about migration. But when James told him we could control our borders under EU rules, but successive government's had decided not to, would he change his mind?

He suggested a visa system for EU residents coming on holiday to the UK. James asked how that would work if he wanted to visit France and his answer: I don't care, I don't want to go to France.

Listen to the remarkable discussion above.