James O'Brien's Caller Says No-Deal Brexit Will Be Fine Because Of "Bulldog Spirit"

9 August 2019, 11:14 | Updated: 9 August 2019, 11:50

This was James O'Brien's exasperated response when his caller said we can get over the negative effects of a no-deal Brexit with a "British bulldog spirit".

Chris called from Spain to say that he has always been a Conservative voter and no one should be surprised that politicians have broken their promises.

James tried to understand his point, asking: "Are you saying you voted Leave. Now you know you were lied to, but hey, politicians always lie, so I'm not going to get too upset over this one?"

After Chris agreed, James asked him to sum up in two sentences exactly what he rang up to say - and that left listeners dumbfounded.

He responded: "I think the British bulldog spirit will show through. We'll rise above it all."

When James asked what we'll rise above, Chris insisted: "Above the doom and gloom. We need some hope."

James O'Brien tries to summon up some bulldog spirit
James O'Brien tries to summon up some bulldog spirit. Picture: LBC

But he didn't have an answer when James asked him: "How will bulldog spirit help us rise above today's negative economic figures? How will we rise above the contraction in the economy using bulldog spirit."

When Chris insisted: "Because everybody will pull together."

That led James to ask: "You're taking the mickey right?

"So the bulldog spirit will see us through. We'll rise above it all. And we'll pull together."

It's a remarkable call and one that you have to watch. See it at the top of the page.