James O'Brien Vs Caller Who's Wound Up By His Boris Bashing

20 May 2019, 12:07 | Updated: 20 May 2019, 12:09

This caller said he was wound up by James O'Brien's bashing of Boris Johnson - but was left red-faced when he admitted it was all true.

James O'Brien had listed a series of things Boris Johnson had done in his career, labelling the former Foreign Secretary "a chiselling, lying, cheating, adulterous charlatan".

Bearing in mind the £40m wasted on the Garden Bridge and the controversy over Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, James asked why Conservatives seemed to ignore their moral compass when it comes to Boris.

Greg called in from Amersham, angry with what James had said. But things quickly started to unravel.

James O'Brien rowed with this caller over Boris Johnson
James O'Brien rowed with this caller over Boris Johnson. Picture: LBC / PA

When James asked what he had said which was inaccurate, Greg answered: "No, you're entitled to your view.

"What's wound me up is that it's so nakedly apparent that your real approach here is not your moral outrage at the Conservative Party..."

So James asked again: "So what have I said that's untrue?"

Greg insisted he hadn't called up to query anything James had said, to which James responded: "This is why you're my perfect caller.

"I've said lots of things about Boris Johnson that are true and you are getting wound up by the messenger.

"Why is it I get upset about his actions, but you get upset about me telling you what his actions are?"

Greg pointed out that many Tories are looking forward to Boris being leader because he is so electable. But again James said that proved his point: "He is electable, but he is also a serial liar, an adulterer, he's lost £40m of public money for the Garden Bridge, he's had children out of wedlock.

"I want to know how that tallies with traditional Conservatism. What is it about Boris Johnson that encourages and allows people like you to turn off your moral compass."

That wound up Greg even more. Watch their full call at the top of the page.